Tips for great landscape drone photography

Drones have quickly become a part of photography especially because they are able to capture very unique and stunning images. As a landscape and travel photographer, this is an essential tool to have with you every time you are out taking new pictures.

while the basics of taking and image from a drone is not so different to taking regular pictures, the process is not as easy as it may seem

Here are some tips that will help you utilise your drone for eye catching landscape images

Keep the drone at a reasonable level

Drones are not only a game changer in the field of photography, but they make landscape photography so much more interesting and fun. You will be tempted to fly the drone as high as you can for an aerial view. Just because the drone is able to, it does not mean you should do it.

To take good drone pics, the camera drone has to be close to the ground. This allows the camera to capture the contour of the landscape, terrain, dept, size as well as other features.

The art of exposure

Drones have a small sensor that gives them a good dynamic range. Even with cheaper entry level cameras, you can capture a huge range of light which means you will need to bracket more. Basically, you have to take multiple shots of the same scene. Make sure some are underexposed and others overexposed so you can blend them to get the perfect job. Thankfully, drones have a HDR function that will blend the exposure with just one click.

Timing is everything

Generally, you can get some of the best landscape images during the golden hour. This is when there are golden highlights in the sky and this blends in the landscape photographs to make them more exotic looking.  The golden hour is about one hours before and after sunset.

Google maps

You can use the terrain view on google maps to find the perfect location for a landscape image. Many photographers use google maps as a great research tool. It is not easy but you will find great aerial locations that could tur out into great photograph. The terrain view enables you to see the earth better, which reduces the time needed to travel through several locations so you can find the perfect one.

Check for symmetry and contrasting colors

Drone photography gives the artist an array of opportunities to take some of the best and unique photos in the world.  Some pictures take while facing the camera down will appear well, especially when there is some sort of symmetry on the ground. For instance, desert aerial view will turn out great due to the symmetrical lines that appear due to the sand dunes created by the wind.

  Contrasting textures and colors can turn a boring photograph into a memorable one. Look for locations where the earth immediately splits into two or more textures. For instance, an image of the forest and a tarmac road will create a really good drone image.